2019 was a busy year. Grace played the cello in strings and got student of the month for her entire school. As a prize she received a new bike. Besides being on the National Elementary Honors Society, she also kept busy doing recreational cheer and going on her schools oceanography trip. Saige found her love of baking and participated in her schools cupcake wars. She was also a WEB leader for mentoring new 7th graders. At the beginning of 2019 Saige and Sarah were in dance line together at Greenfield Jr. High. Sarah got into advanced dance at Gilbert High and was nomited for student of the year by her Spanish teacher. Sophie was excited to be celebrating her sweet 16 birthday. Andrew moved out to live with his girlfriend Samantha. Jonah continued to write music and sing. On February 9th Ethan and Heather ran the Phoenix half marathon together and later that day celebrated Heath’s birthday with carrot cake. Ethan continues to work on his art skills. Heath and Heather went to Sedona to celebrate their 22nd Wedding Anniversary. They hiked the West Fork trail for the first time and checked visiting Sedona off of Heath’s bucket list. As a family they did a lot of hikes and also went to San Diego for a week in the summer. While there they visited Little Italy and Old Town San Diego.

2020 started out with a bust… a busted pipe that flooded Sarah’s room. Heath learned a lot about sheet rocking and Sarah showed her interior decorating skills. Heather enjoys going to the gym each morning. Because of Covid, 2020 has been all about enjoying Saige’s cooking, games, family walks and bike rides. During the pendemic Sarah is doing hybrid learning with her school, while Grace and Saige are being home schooled. Since working remotely for work Heath and Ethan have started working out at lunch each day. All the girls played with hair styles and coloring and Heath went bald. Luckily his hair grew back. As a family they participated in a Black Lives Matter protest in Gilbert. Heath and Heather went on an impromptu visit to San Diego to pickup Sarah. They made the most of the two day trip cramming their favorite spots in what little time they had. In October Heather returned to San Diego with her cousins for a brief get-a-way. Jonah got a job at FedEx.

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